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The Castle of Antiparos

The Castle of Antiparos was built at the start of the 1440's. This is the time at which the island came into the hands of Maria Somaripa, who married the nobleman Lorentano.


He brought farmers to Antiparos at his own expense, and built the castle near the sea. At that time there were 24 two storied houses inside the castle, 24 one storied houses at Zopyrgos and 16 two storied houses in the inner zone. If there were 4-5 people for each dwelling, there must have been some 500 in all.

The only way in was on the south side were the gate is gothic in style.

Look at the picture on the left closely -- see the arch?

After Lorentano, Domenico Pisani took over in 1480, but the Lorentano family returned in 1537. The same year the castle fell into the hands of Barbarossa. the island passed completely into the ottoman empire in 1556.

From 1770-1774 Antiparos was held by the Russians, as was Paros.

In 1794 a gang of Maiots and Cephallonias slaughtered the inhabitants and the island was deserted for a time. In 1821 the island took an active part in the revolution against the Turks.



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