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Antiparos is a picturesque Cycladic island with sandy beaches, volcanic landscape, surrounded by light blue clear waters and uninhabited islands. The island's morphology invites you to explore untrodden places of unique beautym or follow the rest of the visitors on one of the island's resorts.

In the local traditional taverns you can taste fresh fish and local dishes with caper and skim-milk cream cheese, while on the central wayfarer you can enjoy your iced coffe, home made sweets and cold plates.

For those who seek something more than sun bathing and swimming on their vocation, certified proffesionals can offer you unforgettable experience on sea diving, sea kayaking, wind surfing and kite, and much more...

On the local open-air cinema, the best of the season's films will escort you under the stars, the moon and the floral scent of jasmin.

And for those who love ancient history and archaeology, the excavational works on Despotico island will bring you 2500 years back in the ancient Greece, and the cave of Antiparos, the oldest one in Europe, will send you some more million years back.

If you happend to be on the island between the 15th and 17th of July, don't miss the festivities for St. Marina. A reenactment of the traditional Cycladic weddind (gamos) and "anti-wedding" (antigamos) on the next day will take place, along with the litany of the icon of St Marina and the local band.
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